Trick or Treat

It’s Fall Y’all!

 It’s time to fall into the cooler months. This means trick or treating, fall festivals, and sweater weather. Here are some tips to stay warm this autumn.

Trick or Treat Safety

Trick or treating is best time of the year for most kids. Here are some tips to keep your kids safe.

  • Please ensure your children wear light reflection on their costumes/clothing. Light reflecting tape can be purchased at many local stores. Also holding a flashlight will make them more visible at night.
  • Inspect candy before eating. Ensure there are no home made, unwrapped, or otherwise suspicious looking treats.
  • Dress for the weather. It can get cold quickly when the sun goes down. Allow for jackets or sweatshirts to be worn under the costume as needed.

Safety in numbers

As fall continues, there are many fall festivals/pumpkin patches/football games/ Texas State Fair and other activities kids love to join in.

  • Ensure the safety of your family by having a plan in place in case of separation. Have a specific meet up place, easily found by all parties.
  • For young children that may not know their parent’s name and number, have it written on a wrist band and educate the children on how to show it to an adult.
  • For older children, check to make sure they know their address, phone number, and who to find in case of an emergency. Whether it may be another adult, a police office, security, or a family friend.

Home Safety

Cooler weather means warming up by the fire! Make sure your home is safe with these tips…

  • If you have a wood burning fireplace you decide to use, have it inspected and cleaned at least once a year. This will prevent cracking of the chimney, build up of soot, and decrease the risk of starting a fire in the chimney.
  • Ensure you have working smoke detectors and a fire extinguisher handy. Change the batteries in the smoke detector twice a year (spring and fall at time changes).
  • Infants and the elderly are most at risk for weather related illness. Take care to bundle up as needed and dress in layers. Try to avoid using small space heaters if possible as they increase risk of fire related injuries.