Weight Loss Program - Frequently Asked Questions

This is why we recommend you follow up every two to three weeks for body composition testing. During those follow-up appointments, we will show you increases in lean muscle mass and decreases in body fat even though the scale may not be changing at your desired rate. If you stay persistent, you will note the changes in scale weight that you desire. Remember, there are no quick fixes. This truly is a wellness program. As time passes, lean muscle increases a person's metabolic rate, and soon you will turn into a fat-burning machine!

Why Use Body Composition Testing In A Weight Loss Program?

Fat is absolutely necessary for good health. Fat plays an important role in protecting internal organs, regulating hormones and providing energy. Lean mass is everything except the fat. It includes muscle, water, bone, and internal organs. Muscle is the "metabolic engine" of the body that burns calories (fat) and plays an important role in maintaining strength and energy. Too much fat accumulation may compromise your health while healthy levels of lean mass contribute to physical fitness and overall health.

How Do I Increase My Lean Muscle Mass?

The best way to increase muscle is through PROPER EATING and resistance training. Food timing is a principle that will be explained by your provider at your weight loss consult. In essence, it is finding the optimal time to eat specific macronutrients. Some of our patients lose weight and improve their body composition just by understanding food timing and how it impacts the body's physiology.